We encourage you to share information on any of the themes raised in the film with your friends and supporters. Please download more information on the themes raised in the film as well as promotional materials to host your own screening:

Press Kit:
Features Director interview, featured experts in the film, behind the scenes information.

Media Kit (PDF, 512KB)

Discussion Guide:

Discussion Guide (PDF, 128KB)
Discussion Guide (DOCX file, 208KB)

Promotional images:

Official Poster featuring white space to write details of your screening (PDF, 1.8MB)
Official Poster (PDF, 672 KB)
Official Poster for web (JPEG, 126 KB)

LAND: So Valuable It’s Wasted Poster (Web res, B&W, JPEG, 128KB) (A3 PDF, 672 KB)

If You Owned All The Money In The World Poster (Web res, B&W, JPEG, 96KB) (A3 PDF version)

Your Taxes Fund the Infrastructure That Makes My Land More Valuable Cartoon (Web res, B&W, JPEG, 124KB) (A3 PDF, 721KB)

Who Made the Earth? (PDF, A3 poster, 1.6MB) Great poster for Occupy Wall St mob!


Logo (B&W, JPEG, 1MB)
Logo (Red&White, JPEG, 1.5MB)