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Experts featured in Real Estate 4 Ransom

MICHAEL HUDSON / Wall Street Financial Analyst, Distinguished Research Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri, President of The Institute for the Study of Long-Term Economic Trends (ISLET).

“Today’s neo-liberals say a free market is free for predators. It’s free for monopolists, free for land speculators, free for bankers to extract as much income from wages and industry as possible.

“The logical thing for Australia to do would be to tax this mineral wealth which actually should be looked at as the wealth of the entire nation.”


ALANNA HARTZOK (M.A) / Alanna Hartzok, M.A, United Nations ECOSOC NGO Representative for the International Union for Land Value Taxation and Co-Director of the Earth Rights Institute.

“Taxation policy is very important because taxation is the ability to create or destroy. The tax system we currently have should be thrown out and scrapped, because it is destroying more than it’s creating.”

“It’s called true cost economics, where the cost of producing wealth, the cost to our rivers, our air, our weather, is all captured back in the price of what’s produced.”



DAVID COLLYER / Campaign Manager, Prosper Australia

“Many workers carry the burden of a large mortgage for most of their lives. Land speculators can dodge paying tax while worker’s taxes fund the infrastructure that makes the speculators land more valuable.”



BRYAN KAVANAGH / Land Values Research Group

“World economies are where they are now because we’ve allowed companies and individuals to privatise our publicly-generated land and resource rentals.”

“Although Australia’s land rent was $325,300 Billion in 2007, we chose to fine labour and capital $285 Billion for daring to work. This allowed 80% of our land rent to be capitalised into the current bubble, setting us up for an enormous financial collapse.”

“This switch from taxes to rent will allow us to abolish 125 taxes that choke off production tending to build up property bubbles with irregularity that burst every 18 years or so. Had Australia captured one half its land rent since 1972, our GDP would now be $2 Trillion not $1Trillion. Every single Australian, man woman and child would be $35,000 per head better off.”


FRANK DE JONG / Canadian Politician, Environmentalist and activist. Former leader of the Ontario Green Party from 1994-2010.

“We need to pose the question, how can we possibly share the earth equitably? For that we need a market mechanism, an economic mechanism of earthsharing, so that the people who use and abuse nature compensate the rest of us. This will make sure that our planet is preserved for future generations and for other species.”


DR TERRY DWYER / Australian National University Fellow, B.A (Hons) B.Ec (Hons) (Syd.) M.A Ph.D (Harvard), Dip. Law (Syd.) FTIA, Crawford School of Economics and Management, Australian National University.

“We should make sure that our labour and efforts are untaxed and that the free ride is enjoyed by us all collectively through the community, instead of making sure valuable natural resources end up in the hands of a select few who grow fat on the labour of others.”