About Us

Real Estate 4 Ransom is a documentary by Prosper Australia, a not for profit organization devoted to economic justice for all Australians.

Co-Directors Gavin Emmanuel and Karl Fitzgerald (pictured, left) have crafted a 40 minute documentary which features high profile economists, international guests, local homebuyers and renters, all who discuss their take on the state of Australia’s economy. This film project was inspired by the desire for a modern take on the adage that the earth’s worth will naturally increase as communities develop.

Karl has been involved in Prosper Australia for over ten years. He has an extensive experience in economic theory and passion for making economics interesting. He runs a weekly radio show called the Renegade Economists, discussing economic issues and interviewing key figures from the community. Gavin has been a camera operator, editor and independent producer for over twenty years. Having compiled an array of private and commercial work, he has also had a prominent role in the production of a number of music videos and short films.

Check the screening page for details on where you can see the film.